2 Problems with new garadget setup


After a lot of difficulty getting Android to work on my S4 and S7 I found you had a new version on your site. I downloaded it and installed it on both units and everything seemed OK. After closing the door from the control in the garage neither phone recognized the change still reporting it open. After using the web access to check I found the web access reported correctly and then the phones updated and showed correctly. The phones were showing incorrectly for about 20 minutes till I went on web access.

The second problem is my iHome controllers built in to my cars no longer work from outside the garage. They do work when car is parked inside the garage. If I disconnect the garadget the controllers work normally. The door opener is a Liftmaster Security + (3255) and its about 10 years old.

With these 2 problems the garadget is not of much use to me. Hope you can help.


We’ll look into the status update situation on Android, but for the second issue you may need to move Garadget a bit further from the opener’s antenna. Just few extra inches of separation can make the difference.


Moving the unit forward as you suggested seems to have fixed the other remote controller problems, Will watch it over the next few days.

Bought a new S9+ yesterday but the app seems to have the same problem as the S7 & S4. No surprise as its the same software,


I have to take that back. after 90 seconds it updated to correct status.


BTW: you can force refresh the status in the app by pulling the main screen down - similar to how it’s done in browsers.