2x Garadgets renamed to "Garage" within the past 48 hours


I have 2 Garadgets, one at home and one at my Father’s home less than a kilometre away. When I installed these in 2016, I gave them different names obviously so I knew which garage door I was opening.

About 24 hours or so ago, I noticed my father’s garage door was now renamed to “Garage”. This morning (Western Australian Time) I noticed that my home Garadget has been renamed also to “Garage”. It still functions OK, but of course it is now difficult to tell which Garadget I am operating, especially as they appear in random order on my Android app (sometimes my home is the default, sometimes Dad’s is the default: wouldn’t it be nice to be able to define a Default garage door in the app???

Is this a symptom of the firmware update? If it was, I’d have thought I’d have seen more people reporting the problem.


Rob Hills
Waikiki, Western Australia


Yes, there were no other reports of this issue and from what I can see the existing names were preserved through the update. Please use the settings page to re-configure the door names to your liking.

The web app remembers the last order of the doors. The mobile apps should do that too, please let me know if they don’t and I’ll get that on the fix list.


I am having the same issue. I was on vacation last week and never opened the app. I checked it this morning and both my Garadget’s are renamed to garage. I tried renaming them through the app and they aren’t renaming.


Please PM me your device IDs and desired door name and I’ll look into this issue.


I just checked the app again and the names finally changed. Thanks for the quick response.

Other than this little issue, the units are working great.


I had the same issue with the names. I tried changing and was having difficulty, i.e., the change wouldn’t “stick.” Finally it worked.