Able to get the cyan light not connected to app


i was able to get the light to change to a slow blinking cyan after going to the 1982/.168…0.1 domain and setting up my WiFi there. The issue now is that the device is not connected to the app. How do I connect the device to my app?


I can associate the unit with your account. Please provide the device ID and the temporary access to your account (email/password). If you use the same password elsewhere, please change it before sharing:


How do I find the device ID? I’d rather not post my UN & PW to this forum. Can I email those to you?


During the setup via the embedded web interface ( the device ID is displayed at the top of the form. If you want to get back there, press and hold “M” button until Garadget’s LED switched to blinking dark blue, then connect wifi to PHOTON-XXXX and navigate browser to

You can share your device ID and login credential privately by clicking on my profile icon and then on “Message” button or via the contact form on the website:


We are working on permanent solution to this issue: