Activity Reports


Is there a way to view the garage door activity in a report? My app is showing that the garage door was closed 11 hours ago but there is NO one at my home. I am out of town. I have not been getting alerts with the garadget 2 app on my iphone. I have alerts set up but it has not been working.

I removed the original garadget app from my phone because my garage door would open at random without being prompted by the app (butt dialed or otherwise). In using the garadget 2 app, I don’t think i have had random door openings but again I often travel for work and I am not home.

Any advice?


The timer may be reset by a power interruption causing Garadget to reboot. You can PM me the device ID and I can check the server logs. We can also look into the notifications issue.

The event log accessible from the app is on the to do list. Currently you can configure the same via the IFTTT integration (e.g. with Google Docs spreadsheet or Evernote).