Add Time to alert


In future If you can add actual time to ALERT



Thank you for your suggestion, @dmnparesh1.
The push notifications are delivered in near real-time. The time you received the alert is very close to the time it was generated.


I believe what dmnparesh1 is asking for is something I (and I believe a lot of other people would as well), believe would be very helpful is a timed alert, IE if the garage door has been left open for an specified amount of time, an hour for example. This is helpful if perhaps children forget to close the door when they leave the house.


If I understand you correctly, what you are describing is one of the Garadget’s existing features called “Timeout Alert”. The app allows you to select the time periods between 30 seconds and 12 hours.


I just tried that and yes that functions as I would like. You may want to consider renaming that feature. I believed that to be an alarm for when the unit loses WiFi connectivity or power for a time period.