Adding an external antenna

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Got the antenna and this weekend I hope to install the antenna. I’ll PM you when I have it installed. So busy this time of year.


So busy at work, I’ve been in hospital too and now at home “resting”. I got the 3dB wifi antenna installed. Used insulating tape on the inside to be sure of no touching and the cable connection was the same. It looks identical to the one that edash posted. Do you need to update firmware to take advantage of the new antenna?

The signal strength has gone from -78dB to -63dB


Yes, Mark. Please PM me the device ID and name of your unit and I’ll remotely update the firmware on it.


I’ve updated the firmware. The unit still reports -63dB which is pretty healthy signal level.
If you use the directional antenna, you can try different orientations, but I’d just leave it along as long as you get the reliable connection.


I bought Garadget some time ago and now got external antenna. How could I get the new v1.2 firmware with this external antenna batch?


Please proceed with installing the antenna and PM me the device ID when done.
I’ll re-flash the firmware remotely. The device has to be online for this.