Alerts have stopped working


Anyone else have their alerts stop working? Might be caused by a recent iOS update??


It’s a possibility if Apple changed the subscriber IDs used for the delivery of the notifications.
Please try following:

  • using the mobile app disable all alerts one by one
  • logout from the account
  • log back in
  • enable notifications you need


I think that’s done it. After making the changes the open alert didn’t come through, but the close did. Maybe it just takes a while for the system to sync up. I’ll do some more testing later…


My alerts stopped working. But all else is fine. Installed app on wife’s phone and same result. Unplugged device to reboot but still no alerts?


My alerts have also stopped. Tried logging in & out, reset alerts, reset phone etc. No dice.

Any suggestions? Server issue?



Android device - event alert settings don’t stick. If I toggle an alert “on” then close the app, when I open the app again the alert that was turned “on” is now “off”. This happens for all alert options in the event alert section.


Came home to Garadget being offline for some odd reason yesterday! Since then I am not getting notifications on the door status anymore. I followed what was suggested in solving this issue with no results…
Last time this happened it was the server. Hope this gets resolved soon, as notifications are definitely a necessity!!


same here. notifications stopped for me yesterday


Please try the suggestion from my Oct 8 post.
If that doesn’t address the problem, please PM me the device ID and I’ll check things on the server.


That got my alerts working again. I forgot Apple pushed out a new iOS update to my phone the other day.