Alexa Garadget Skill - can't distinguish multiple Garadget's?

I have 2 Garadget’s, one hooked up to my Garage and the other to my Gate. I have “named” them Garage and Gate respectively :slight_smile:

When I ask Alexa , “tell smartgarage to open the garage” it opens both the garage and the gate. If I ask Alexa the status of the garage, it gives me the status of the garage and gate. Seems it’s having trouble differentiating between the two devices.

Is this a known issue or is there a way to solve this ?


Garage is a generic word and appear in many utterances so it’s pretty much ignored.
Try something like “Home” and “Gate”. The skill will also accept numeric references. Like “Open door 1”.

ok, thanks.

I had this problem also. Despite naming your devices, Garadget also knows them as Door 1 and Door 2. Now I say “Alexa, tell Smartgarage to open Door 1” and she replies “Opening Fort Augusta” (which is the name I gave). Has worked flawlessly since I switched to Smart Garage skill.

Thanks Allyn. This helps. Now it makes me wonder if this is solvable by a developer update to the Garadget Alexa app. Garadget team?

Solving for this one scenario (e.g. accepting generic word “garage” or “door” as part of name) is likely to break many other scenarios. E.g. natural utterances like “Alexa, tell smart garage to open Left garage” or “Alexa, ask garadget about status of home door” will stop working for those who have doors named “Left” and “Home”.

I use Garadget with my Amazon Alexa and with Siri. The Siri integration is done through Homebridge/Homekit. Works great, it easily distinguishes between the carHOUSE (aka “Garage”) and the Gate. However, if I say to Alexa tell smartgarage to open the gate it opens both doors (carHOUSE and gate). If I ask it to open carHOUSE it says “available options are carhousegate”. And that’s not a punctuation error. It blends both names into one. It appears I can use door 1 and door 2 to distinguish but why can’t inuse a unique name like carHOUSE?