Alexa lost garadget


Everything has been working fine for a couple months. Suddenly Alexa tells me I need to have a garadget account and link the device. The account was linked so I unlinked and relinked. No luck.


Are you using the skill with “Garadget” invocation or “Smart Garage”?

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Smart garage. It was working for weeks until Alexa suddenly thought the link was gone.


Please make sure you are logged into Alexa account associated with the speaker you are trying to use.


I had exactly the same problem about two weeks ago. I changed nothing, except I woke up one day and Alexa told me the same thing it told you.
I uninstalled the MyQ app (for Chamberlain garage doors) and the Garadget app. I reinstalled and relinked everything and I was back in business.
It’s not a coincidence when things like this happen to multiple accounts. Someone did something somewhere to cause the problem.
About two months ago Alexa would not let me open the garage door. She said “I’m sorry, you do not have permission to do that”. I thought I’d be told next like on 2001 A Space Odyssey “I’m sorry Dave, I cannot let you do that. You are endangering the mission, Dave.”


Exact same issue. I disabled the Alexa skill. Re-enabled, logged in and all was fine. Something on the Amazon side because my HomeKit/bridge integration still worked.


I understand that Amazon recently updated the firmware on some (maybe all) Alexa/Echo devices. In my case, it did not seem to affect Garadget/Smart Garage, but it switched my “wake word” on my devices. Maybe that caused the problems with Garadget?