Alexa multiple doors

I have 3 of my 5 garage doors on Garadget. The app works as advertised. When asking Alex to open or close a specific door it opens ALL DOORS. How do I get better control on this?

You can also refer to doors by number: “Open door one”, “Close door two” etc.

ok do I number them or is it in order of installation?

Should be order in which they are listed in account.
Give it a try and it will be self evident which door is what number.

I found the best way to control my Garage door with Alexa is to link garadget and Alexa in IFTT, than create a routine in the Alexa app using the IFFT integration and creating your own phrase. This way you have a phrase that is more natural to say, like, “Alex open/close garage door”. I’ve set it up so that Alexa responds to both “garage” and “garage door” as these are the only 2 phrases that I would naturally use.