...And Then It All Went Nuts!

Late last night, it all went nuts. I got open and closed notices, one on top of another in an almost continuous stream of perhaps as many cycles as 8 or 9. It’s a good thing that I was at home e and not in some other city, wondering what the hell was going on. Then… it stopped. Needless to say, I am not amused. But could it perhaps been an insect that was attracted to the only spot of light in the whole garage?

Was the laser at the center of the reflective tag when you checked it?

Yes, of course. It is well within the boundaries.

I have changed the scan rate to once every 10 seconds to potentially avoid an insect from being able to home in on the reflective dot, (If that was the issue). However, I have to say that although I really like this product, I really can’t afford all the false alarms and will be forced to look for another solution, if this continues.

What is the reflection rate your unit reports in settings?

Reflection 97%
Sensor threshold 10%
Sensor reads 3

Relay on/off time 1.0 sec

This all looks good. Insect interfering with the laser is a possibility, though it is very rare.

…And last night, it did it again. Eight open/close notifications in rapid succession. I quickly opened the app and either that stopped it, or it was over before I got the app opened, but that was all.

Still not amusing.

Do you happen to have windows in your Garage? Did this happen about the same time as last occurrence?

There are no windows in the garage.

It did not happen at the same time as the first occurance.

Regards -

Not all that rare. I’ve had spiders, moths and flies park on the transmitter and get the same notification repeatedly. Spider building a web can go on for hours or until he meets his demise.

Last night at 2AM it did it again.

I have the laser pulse rate turned down so slow that no flying insect could possible home in on it. And there are no signs of other insects in the path.

Tonight I will reboot the unit and if it happens again, I will have no choice but to pull the unit from service and do this job another way.

If power-cycle doesn’t address the issue, please PM your order information and we’ll try a replacement.

Power cycled it and it’s been behaving for 2 days so far. It had also been giving an erroneous ‘door opened during the night’ warning that has never happened, when the door was opened in the morning. That has also stopped.

We’ll see…