Android app does not update?

The app does not seem to be updating the status on my phone.

I launch the app and it gives the current status. But the fields never update (how long it was closed, current reflection strength, last contact, etc). So if the door was closed and opens the app never updates to reflect this.

Even if I close the app and then reopen it the fields above do not update. It’s only by killing the app andthen relaunching it that I can get updated status.

Am I missing something on how to use the app?

Does the pull down on the main screen update the state on your phone?

I’m not sure where that pulldown is. There is not a garadget pulldown in the taskbar. I don’t see one in the main screen of he app either (screenshot below). If I touch anything in the area of the garage door displayed by the app it opens the garage door. There is the word “Doors” in the green at the top of the screen but that does not appear to be a pulldown.

This is the version of the app downloaded from the Google Play store. I just checked and my version seems to be up to date.

You can touch the garage door image and without lifting your finger slide it down to refresh the display.

got it! That works.