Android App not receiving Notifications

I was not receiving any notifications on my Android device. When enabling/disabling alerts getting following messages:

  1. Successfully updated event alerts.
  2. There was an error sending the command. Please try again.

After troubleshooting with Dennis I was finally able to resolve it.

Issue: Not receiving any notifications on the device.

Cause: I installed a new ROM and restored my applications using Titanium Backup.
Every time you install a new ROM the device ID gets changed (exception if you are receiving an OTA).

Resolution: Uninstalled the application and re-installed it from Google Play store.


  1. So in future if you are not getting alerts the first thing to check if there is an updated version of application available.
  2. Un-install and re-install the application, this will mostly resolve the issue unless there is some problem from the backend.

I hope this helps everyone and no one has to go through the same thing again.

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I am not receiving notifications on my android. Notifications work fine on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

I tried reinstalling the app and turning off / on the alerts.