App not working after update

After the last 2 updates, when I try to start the Android app, i get a message that the app has stopped.

We haven’t received the report of this issue from other customers.

Please try uninstalling app and its data and then re-install.
This may be related to the email we’ve received from Google two hours ago about their messaging component that we use in the app:

We recently discovered that FCM SDK versions 20.1.4 and 20.1.5 have an issue that may lead to an increase in crashes due to shared resource exhaustion. Because of the nature of the problem, your app’s metrics and crash numbers may be undercounting the impact. This issue was fixed in FCM SDK v20.1.6.

Related or not, we’ll work on the update tomorrow and will push it out to Google Play App Store in coming days.

That fixed it. Thanks.