App notifications also stopped


In November after I wiped my System Cache Partition I stopped getting notifications from the Garadget app. I tried various suggested fixes such as changing a notification setting, logging out and logging back in, etc. Nothing worked. I did notice that an IFTTT based log file was in fact receiving events correctly so I set up an IFTTT based notification as a work around. That works (with some latency however).

I noticed that one recommended fix was to delete the app’s data, uninstall it, and reinstall the current version from the play store. I didn’t do that because I was going overseas for a month and didn’t want to risk making things worse. I am back now, and I tried that to no avail. I still get notifications through IFTTT but not directly through the app.

I was surprised, when I did the reinstall , that I did not have to log in. It seems to have had credentials cached somewhere(?).


It looks like you are on Android. In system settings for app there should be option to delete app data/cache. This should get you logged out in the process:

If that doesn’t help, please PM me your device ID and I’ll clean up the notification subscriptions so you can start out anew.


Yes Android 6.0.1.

Well, clearing the app data did something. I got a “closed” notification directly from the app on the way out this afternoon. No “open” or “open for…”. I’ll make certain everything is closed and to reboot the phone before I go home after the game and we’ll see what happens.

Odd that nuc-ing the entire cache partition didn’t delete the same data and seemed to cause the issue in the first place.