App says the Door is opening and pounds me with notices repeatedly

App states that the door is opening and then sends the same door opening message every few seconds. Sometimes I can get it to go away if I open the app and it seems to find itself and clam down. Other times, I need to open and close the door with the app (not the garage door button) or it seems to get lost and tell me its open when its closed, etc.

Iphone 6S
IOS 10

Whats up? Its annoying because the Apple Watch also banks me with warnings all of the time…


Did you have any luck with the false notifications troubleshooting from the troubleshooting guide?

I reviewed and the guide does not help.

So to recap:

  • the laser is pointed at the center of the reflector
  • openings for laser and photo-sensor are free from webs or other obstructions
  • reflection rate reported by the sensor when door is closed is well above the threshold setting

All checks?