Been working great fo me


Been about 30 days (took a while before I had time to install) and it has worked great. I ended up mounting it using a screw to a piece of wood I hung from the ceiling, when I mounted it on the opener it moved too much. Also, I mounted the target to a thin board not much larger then the target. I then mounted the board to the garage door using the extra two sided sticky tape that was in the package. I was able to place the target in a surface that was not flat.

iPhone App works fine with no issues.

Dan F.


I received my garadget yesterday and installed it with no problems. It arrived well packaged and the QR code on the box was a nice touch which made finding the installation guide a breeze. My garage is a separate building about 25 feet away from the main house but the garadget seems to have no problem with the wifi signal which is around -80db.

I found that I had to change the value of the Relay Off Time to 0.3 secs (otherwise the door opener saw the stimulus as a double tap and only opened a few inches before stopping) but apart from that the default settings were fine. I’ve also changed the laser pulse to 5 secs but only because it seemed a waste to have it any more frequent than that.

The only problem is that the time zone for night time alerts reverts to MDT even after changing it on iOS and android. Not a big problem as I’ve been able to input offset times to compensate.

All in all, an excellent product and first class support from the vendor via this forum.


Thank you for the detailed review and nice feedback.

I tested the time zone setting again, on web app and iOS app and it appears to be working fine for me. Please describe the steps necessary to reproduce the problem and the developer will take care of it.


I’ve had mine for about a month. Had a small issue setting up using QR code. Android app, went fine until switching back to hone wifi was unable to kink to device even though it was listed. Did a reset and used pc. Worked fine. I have a detached garage about 50 feet from my wifi extender, reception is great. Mounted base under opener with provided tape and target on upper ledge of door. So far no issues. Changed cycle to 5 sec.
Only issue is far is alerts are off by an hour recently. I have the alert set for while I m away at work during the day.

A feature that would be helpful is a 7 day schedule like many programmable thermostats. Alerts for day and evening for each day if week.

Overall a great product glad I funded


I changed the time zone to GMT via the Web App and that successfully carried over to the IOS and Android apps on my phones. I didn’t pay much attention to it after that as I turned the alerts off at the request of SWMBO but have noticed this morning that the active times had reset to 12:00 and 12:00. I’ve reset the times (but not reenabled alerts) to 22:00 - 09:00 via iOS app and will keep an eye on it.

It seems that Android users (Mrs Rob) receives additional alerts showing the status is changing plus the usual opening and closed alerts, whereas IOS users (me) get a more meaningful time related alert.