Cannot connect wall mount and garaget at the same time

I Have a Chamberlin Elite Series 41db002-2. On the chamberlin itself I have 4 connections, red, two whites, and a grey. I have determined the second white and grey (mostly grey) have to do with the safety sensor. After messing around with this install for the last few hours I have determined the only way I can get the garaget to consistently open and close the door is to remove the red and white from the wall mount and connect garaget exclusively to these first two connections (red, white). If I connect up the wall mount opener to those as well (garaget and wall mount wires both connected) the door will not open or close with garaget anymore, but will work fine with the wall mount. Garaget app will will say opening for awhile while nothing happens, same with closing.

Please help!


This has likely to do with the wiring. If the wires are of different gauge, then the terminal on the opener may clamp on the thicker wire and not offer a good contact on the thinner one. Please try pre-twisting the Garage wires with those already in the terminal.