Can't get motion to stop!


Hello everyone. Installed my unit flawlessly, and it seems to be working fine. BUT I can’t seem to stop the door when it is moving up or down. I have tried changing “Relay on time” and “relay off time”, but I get press the garage door icon slowly or fast, single or multiple times, and it seems to have no effect whatsoever. I have a Raynor garage door opener. With the built in door buttons, even the wireless in the car and on the wall, if you press a second press either quickly or slowly, the door responds immediately. What do I need to change to send another “press” immediately or shortly after, while the garage door is moving?


Hi David. I can’t help you but I can empathize with you. I have an old Craftsman ‘LiftMaster’ that I use on a gate. Like you, the installation went w/o a hitch but I can’t get it to stop or reverse in mid travel. Works as specified with the ‘Liftmaster’ remote but no response with the Garadget.


Thanks for the reply. So I am not alone. There has to be some solution. Do you know if Garadget monitors these boards with “expert” answers?


Are you able to stop the door in motion while using the web interface?


No! :slight_smile: I just tried it (for the first time from my computer) and I can open and close after full up or down, but cannot stop mid-travel.