CARPLAY - How is this not available in CARPLAY?

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Yes. Very Good question. Qnd app in Apple wartch? Somfy is ready from 1 year

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For this to more effective - Apple’s Carplay and Android Auto - is becoming required. New reules are being passed that you can’t hold a mobile device in your hand while driving - so it really needs a Carplay and Android Auto App… - This will kill your sales once that is understood - however, On the plus side - it should rocket yours sales being one of the only devices out there with that function.

So how is it looking to have it available in CarPlay in the next month or two? I need to know because I want to get another one of your devices but I’m not getting invest in it unless it works on CarPlay.

It’s unlikely to become available in next two month. At this time we are working on the new features that will benefit all Garadget users and then we’ll reassign the resources owards the wish list of smaller user groups.

Although there is no native app at this time, you may already be able to use Garadget with in your car via the web interface, Alexa/Google Home integration, IFTTT, Home Automation integrations etc.

FWIW, Homekit integration can be achieved (see this post HomeKit Integration with Homebridge-Garadget Plugin). Then you can use Siri from your iPhone/Apple Watch to open the door. I don’t have carplay, but if it supports Siri I would guess this should work as well. HTH

My anticipation will be that i will have ios 13 with home. And i can use my carplay to open my garage

Using my homekit plugin for garadget and ios 13 you will be able to open your garage. This is a simple explanation that requires more effort then you are looking for. But it is possible.

Just tried it

Dwight if you look at my response to ERIC under the header SIRI OPERATION you’ll find a better way than CarPlay using IFTTT … check it out … Its been working great for me.

Thank you - I will try it …

Ok Thank you

I want to take just a second to thank everybody for their suggestions and work arounds. The fundamental question that has been answered is: Is why? Or chat while I appreciate your ability to go into my phone I have alerts on my iWatch - Are nice to haves… - why design a garage door opener that does not work in a Car based environment ( like Android auto and/or CarPlay - that’s first place to go… Right !!! Honestly what am I missing here?

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That developing software takes time?

The problem is that most developers don’t understand real world applications of the software… car integration should have been the first thing on the list… it is a common theme with most newish development teams and its only when they start having people who are working with the end users that this changes… its a very cool product and I have done the workaround with ifttt, but the thing developers don’t get is not everybody is technical so most people can’t set that up… CarPlay/android auto integration would open up their product to a lot more people and until this comes in, I can’t recommend the product because then I would have to spend time setting it up for people.

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I’d argue that most Home Automation solutions are geared toward the technically inclined, unless you want to spend a high dollar amount on having a professional come in or install a turn-key solution. There’s currently a HUGE market gap between the DIY’ers and non-tech savvy.

FWIW: One of the upcoming projects I’m working on is a free open-source turn-key solution, similar to Home Assistant which will bridge that gap.

To the op: The same task can be accomplished with iBeacons. This is how I currently have my Garadgets set up. A $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W in the garage listens for the $20 iBeacon in the car (and can also detect Tile with some modifications). Once detected, it runs the automation to open the door. To get more advanced automations you’ll have to wait for the aforementioned project to come to fruition.

To be fair, when garadget came out, I think in 2017, there weren’t a lot of IoT devices that even supported HomeKit. If they did, they were expensive and I believe at the time you needed a chipset from Apple. As far as Carplay is concerned, Apple didn’t even support opening Garage Doors on Homekit until IOS13.

I think some of your expectations are a little high.

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Looking into native apps development for automotive platforms it appears that the biggest obstacle is the limit on type of applications allowed.


  • Audio
  • Communication (messaging)
  • EV charging
  • Navigation
  • Parking
  • Quick food ordering

Android Auto:

  • media apps
  • messaging apps

It is pretty clear that “creative uses” are not allowed. E.g. sending commands to garage is not considered messaging or search for parking.

Until the categories are expended, the plan for native car apps is on hold.

Have you contacted Apple to get a new CarPlay application category created for garage door openers?

yep, did it back in August, got this in response:

Follow-up: 742313244

Dear Developer,

Thank you for your interest in CarPlay.

We received your request but we are unable to issue the CarPlay entitlement.

CarPlay apps must be designed primarily to provide one of the specified features when operating in CarPlay.

CarPlay apps must also be able to follow the CarPlay App Guidelines and meet the requirements specified in the CarPlay APIs Addendum to the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

The CarPlay App Guidelines are available in the CarPlay App Programming Guide.

I checked it out. Amazing. Garage door controller is SUCH AN OBVIOUS category.


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I bought this device and it seem to work pretty good but the simple fact after several years of it not working with android auto an CarPlay is just absolutely stupid this point. If there was any app that needed to work with an automobile it should be a garage door opener in this kind of follow in the category of Duhh…

So I’m abandoning this app all together and going with someone that makes sense it’s really stupid to go this long and not work with a car.