Changed my password and now app can't log in!

I changed my password by following the instructions I found here. I am able to login in using the Web interface just fine.

But I am now unable to log in with the app using the new password.

Please advise ASAP.



It is likely that you use discontinued version of the mobile app.
Please delete your app and re-install the current version from the App Store.
In the welcome screen select “existing account” and use your current login credentials.

Yes that did the trick and I see a new UX which is nice. Thanks.

But, why didn’t my old app version get automatically upgraded? I check for app updates almost daily.

This has to do with the old app developed by a third party developer and old app naming issue.
From now on there will be automatic updates for this app.

:+1::+1::+1: great news

Thank you. This solved my issue (same), but I never got notice to replace the app. Not good service