Connected via WiFi; DHCP appears not to work

I had previously setup two garadget devices. Worked as advertised. I had started to work on my internal home WiFi network. Long story short, I removed my WiFi network prior to moving my devices over to a different WiFi network. I went through the reset/install process again. I appear to be able to connect to WiFi (I see my devices are connected to the appropriate network) but they have no IP address. I am wondering if there is a way for me to validate on the garadget device itself if there are errors/etc. to better help me determine if it’s my home network or the device itself.

See attached screenshot. All other devices seem to utilize DHCP just fine. Thanks in advance.

You can try re-connecting the Garadgets by using the internal web interface. For that:

  1. Press and hold “M” button for about 10 seconds - first you’ll see dark blue blinks and then a burst of fast dark blue blinks (this will erase old WiFi configuration)
  2. Connect your cell phone to PHOTON-XXXX access point
  3. Navigate to and configure your WiFi connection.

If at the end of the process the LED slowly pulses cyan, then you are all set.
If there is a WiFi connection problem, the LED will fast blink green, internet connection - fast blink cyan.

Finally got back to this. Still having issues. Is there a way I can manually set the IP address? Thinking that might help troubleshoot. Thanks in advance.

The manual IP addresses are not currently supported. When in the described process do you get stuck?