Connecting second phone to Garadget


What are the steps to connect a second smartphone to my garadget? Do I need to put my garadget into a discovery mode? If so, how do I do that?


Nop, just install the app and login with the existing account.


Thanks. Will give it a try.


I have installed app on second phone. Does she need to use the same user account and password as me?


Yes, at this time you can just login with the same account.
Multiple accounts are on our todo list.


When I try to log in on the second phone, using the e-mail and password for my Garadget account, I get the “User credentials are invalid” message.


Please keep in mind that the login name is case sensitive.
If that doesn’t work you can reset the password at:


I was using my keychain to try to login and I was getting in from my phone but not from hers. So I reset my password (to the same as it had been) and it worked fine. Thanks for your help.