Connection issues

I’ve been using my Garadget for a few years with no major issues, but recently I’ve started having connectivity issues.
I’ve been monitoring it with Nagios, just doing a ping test, and there are frequently periods where it doesn’t respond.
I thought the wifi signal may be too weak, but it says it has a “good” connection when it’s online. It currently says the signal quality is -67dB.

I’ve got the MQTT firmware on it and that’s how I mostly control it. I’ve also noticed that it sometimes doesn’t respond to MQTT commands, even when it is pingable. If I subscribe to the broker, I can see the commands appearing as expected, so I can’t see any reason why the Garadget wouldn’t respond.

I’m therefore wondering if it disconnecting from the wifi, and not being pingable, is a symptom of something else and not the actual cause.

Has anyone had any similar issues?

The firmware is 1.2.1 and the system is 1.0.1.

If it is not the WiFi connection issue, it could be the power. If it is failing that may cause the unit to reboot frequently. See if replacing the power adapter improves the situation.

Good idea. I’ll replace it and report back.

Unfortunately that hasn’t helped. According to Nagios, the Garadget wasn’t pingable for 8 minutes yesterday.
At roughly the same time, I also noticed it wasn’t responding to mqtt commands.

So, I think I found the issue…it was power related.

I decided to reset the Garadget and while doing so the usb port broke off the main board, so I’m guessing it was already loose and was preventing the Garadget from getting a stable supply of power.

You can PM me for repair arrangements. Alternatively you can power it up via the extension port.