Control4 AND other apps


Got the Control4 integration version. Works great with control4. Very easy to set up.

Can I also connect the Garadget to other apps, including the native app?

Partly it’s to get a lightweight app. Partly, I see some of the troubleshooting says things like adjust the sensitivity based on what the device is reading, and I can’t see what it’s reading in control4.

Thanks in advance!


Garadget for Control4 only maintains a local connection to the Control4 box. To control it remotely the user will have to rely on Contro4 app.

You can find sensitivity/threshold setting in Garadget’s properties tab inside of Composer.

Thanks Denis.

I see the parameters to SET the sensitivity. What I don’t see are the variables to READ the current values. It leaves a ‘trial and error’ approach which is challenging, compared to what it appears is available in the app.

My first one is working well (for two days) on the defaults, I’m adding several more, and I hope they also work on defaults.

Great product, just looking for a bit more visibility of readings in Control4 environment.



Yes, defaults should work just fine. The algorithm adopts to the conditions automatically.
It’s only in the really fringe cases that you’d need to change anything.