Creating a quick drop down shortcut on Android


I use Garadget in conjunction with my Ring Doorbell to accept remote deliveries. Currently, I need to leave the Ring app, navigate to Garadget, open the garage door and then quickly navigate back to the Ring app to make sure the courier gained access and that the door successfully opened. This is sometimes problematic especially when the Ring doorbell decides to freeze up and as most of you will know couriers will usually do the runner if not attended to in a matter of seconds.

Is it possible to create a shortcut, accessible through the dropdown menu on an Android or as a button similar to the wifi, bluetooth, torch buttons etc when you slide the drop down menu on an Android? This feature will be very useful and allow me to open/close the garage door while in another app i.e Ring and others.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ll get that on idea list for future releases.

Thanks for that. It should technically be an option with the Smartthings integration using the Smartthings panel but unfortunately it doesn’t work. The toggle on the Smartthings panel only seems to close the door, even in a closed state it just closes the door again. Opening doesn’t work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Smartthings integration is supported by the developer anymore, so I don’t see any fixes in the meantime.