Device setup issue on iOS 13

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Several customers reported difficulties with Garadget setup on iOS13 devices where after connecting to Garadget’s WiFi access point PHOTON-XXXX the app becomes unresponsive. While we are working on addressing this issue, please use web interface for unit setup. Upon completion your Garadget will show up in your account on all devices.

Hi Denis,

** FYI Only - Resolved

I had a situation today whereby I couldn’t access the Garagadget app via IOS 12 (phone) or iOS 13 (iPad) and it kept throwing me back to the PHOTON XXXX setup. Alexa attempted but failed to operate responding “OK, here’s garadget”.

The light was pulsing normally and I was still receiving alerts when the door was opened/closed.

The problem persisted from around 13:00 - 14:30 BST (12:00 - 13:00 UTC) then all was well in the Garadget world again.



It’s been over a month. I still can’t get into the app. I get notices for open/close, but can’t use the app to remotely open or close the door. Any idea when a fix will be ready?

What happens when you launch the app? Did you try re-installing from the app store?

App up and running again as of yesterday! Happy camper here, just in time for our trip.

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