Difficult to use the correct input of garage motor

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I am trying to install the garage on my motor…
I have the manual of the motor with the inputs available. I have no manual switch installed, just the remotes.

This is the manual:


Already placed the wires in 6 and 9 position from the manual… I can see the corresponding led turning on when i join the wires but no action occur in the garage.

I also take a picture of the inputs available:

Can you help me, by checking the pdf, what is the correct input where i should wire garage?


I discovered what is the inputs.
I need to wire the 6 (Common) with 10 (Step) and it works…

The model is a Life Probo 70.

The correct manual is this one (instead of the last):

However, i can’t join the wires (and give the command) with Garadget. I plug both wires in garadget, when i command the open/close through the app i can hear a very small clicking noise but nothing happens. if i plug both wires with a piece if wire it gives the command but not with Garadget? Do i need to change anything on Settings?


You can check the Garadget’s relay with the continuity tester. It should sound a short beep (0.3 seconds) when the command is sent from the app.

There is possibility that the relay got damaged if it was connected incorrectly (i.e. directly to the power source).

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Thanks for the answer!
What is the continuity tester?
When I send the command from the app I hear a sound but not a beep, just a very low click sound.

I have tested where to place the wires before continue with setup. Do you think the relay is not ok or it’s a question of settings? I can hear a sound after sending the command from the app…

Continuity tester is simple device or a function of multi-meter that tests if there’s an electric conductivity between the two points. If you don’t have one, you can make a simple circuit with a battery and a light bulb connected via the Garadget’s relay to see if it closes for a moment when the command is sent.

Regardless of the settings, the relay should be normally open (no circuit) and close for a short moment when the command is sent from the app. If the relay is permanently closed or doesn’t close when the command is sent, then it may be damaged.

Ok now I understand…
I will make the continuity test asap.

Thanks for the help!

Hi there,

I already sent back the garadget, i will send to you the tracking code picture (by email)

Can you please confirm me when it arrives?

Will do, thanks!

If you don´t have external input you can by extra remote and solder the cables to the remote button. Works for me!