Door always showing offline


I cannot get my door to show online. I have installed the app and connected the device to wifi successfully multiple times.


Do you go through the setup process without any error messages?
Did you do unit reset and account logout/login after that?


Yes I did. The device is working and beaming lazer at the reflective sticker. The app shows offline thoigh.


Native mobile app, web app or both?


Both. Ill try it again.


Please PM me the device ID, I’ll check the status on the server.


I am having the same issue. Wifi strength in garage is excellent, router is on floor just above it. I have an IP reserved for the opener on the router. Using an upgraded Amazon gold plated USB cable as well - cable that came with it was too short.

I can reset the opener and it will show online for a time in both the app (Android) and on the web. After resetting the unit works great for a time. Comcast is my ISP. Any ideas whats going on?


Opener’s metal case in the way of the signal might have to do with it. I’d try temporarily moving the unit to the side to see if that improves the situation.


Moved it and reset the unit. Doesn’t seem to have made a difference.


@Wgeiger5847, another option is to add an external antenna.
I’ll PM you for the arrangements.