Door is going crazy within apps


I am having strange issues with my Garadget of late.

Initially, I thought it was the Android app on my Note 8, but after going to: it is doing the exact same thing.

Pretty much if the door is closed and I open it, counts from 0% - 100% then says closed, then opens again etc… meanwhile, the door just opens as per normal and stays open.

The opposite happens if it is already opened and I try and close it.

You can view a quick screen grab of it here:

This sounds like the sensor is not reporting the correct door status.
Please check that the laser is still pointed at the center of the reflective tag while door is closed and it is unobstructed. The reported reflection rate in the app should be well above the threshold setting.

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Having the same Issue.
After getting my repaired unit installed and configured, The App is repeating the sequence 2 times for every operation.
The Unit is pulsing and reading the pad with no problem.
The Unit sends my request to open/close the door, and the door functions as required.

The issue: The App sends multiple repeat alerts for every physical operation.
Whether thru the app, or the wall opener:
Hit open, The app sends alert: “Door Opening”, 5 secs later “Door Closing”, 5 secs later " Door Opening", 5 secs later “Door Open”
Hit Close, The App sends alert: "Door Closing, 5 secs later “Door Opening”, 5 secs later “Door Closing”, 5 secs later “Door Closed”
Any thoughts?

For your situation, please check that the laser doesn’t hit any reflective surfaces on the door while it is moving by. You may want monitor the reflection in the web app wile the door opens/closes to see the readings in real time.

If this is the issue, you can resolve it by increasing the threshold, covering the reflective surfaces or increasing the scan period.


The laser is pointed at the centre of the reflective tag.

My App is reporting:
Reflection 98
Sensor Reads 3
Sensor Threshold 10

That looks very healthy. Do you have open/close notifications enabled. Do you receive any notifications when not expected?

No, I don’t, but I’ll turn notifications on and see what happens.

I have had notifications enabled for 5 hours and have had no notifications, but the app is still messing around.

Please PM me your device ID, I’ll look at it from the server side.

Looking at the logs for past few days I see a lot of events that appear to be false detection by the sensor (e.g. opening/closed every few seconds). Things look stable for at least last 11 hours.

From your initial description of the issue it sounds like you experience it while opening the door. Please try increased threshold setting in case the sensor is tripped by some reflective surfaces on the door while it moves by. You can also try covering the reflective surfaces in the path if that is the source of the problem.

Thanks Denis,

I have changed the threshold to 30 and I will see if that makes a difference.


That did It. Thank you.
It was reflecting off the Steel bracket. Once I covered it with masking tape, its now working properly.

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