Door keeps showing/going offline

I am waiting on my dad to stop by and get something and I was just going to use my super-fancy Garadget device to open the door for him.

I pulled up the web app while at work and noticed it’s intermittently going OFFLINE - about every 15-20 seconds or so. My iphone app is now doing the same thing. If I leave the app open it also keeps showing that the door is offline for 4-5 seconds and then comes back online.

But, 15-20 seconds later, it goes offline. So, the web app and the iphone app are duplicating the offline status.

Any ideas what’s going wrong? The time eventually catches up and shows “closed 5 hours” but then it goes offline again. Very odd… :frowning:

Additionally, I have my OFFLINE notifications all set to on yet I am not receiving any notice that the door is offline.

Mine has also been experiencing intermittent offline periods over the past week. Today it’s been offline for 19 hours. Is there something going on with the servers?

I’ve rebooted my wireless router just in case that was the issue but it did not resolve it.

Thanks, -Joel

This sounds like the client app (your phone) is timing out. Do you experience the same issue when you are connected to a reliable high speed WiFi internet connection?

To troubleshoot the issue, please try replacing the power adapter and power cable first.
If that doesn’t resolve the issue we’ll troubleshoot WiFi connection next.

Denis it was doing it in my iPhone app AND on the web app at the same time. So it wasn’t just my phone. The web app was via my work computer so it’s not a WiFi issue either.

The weird thing is that it’s not doing it now while I’m at home. Very confusing…

Well, my bad, it turns out that the light was blinking rapidly and the LED sensor wasn’t working. I rebooted the unit (power cycled) and it started working again.