Duplicate Doors

Interesting issue. App showing duplicate garage doors now. The extra doors seem to come and go randomly. I have just 2 doors


I have a similar problem. In fact, when the upgrade was pushed, it changed the name of both of my doors too. The website shows the appropriate names, but the app does not.

Is there a fix for this? I’ve removed the app (ios) and reloaded, and it still shows both doors as Garage…

This problem has gone away. I logged off, Restarted the app and things have been fine since.

Interesting. I just tried that and am still seeing the same thing. Both doors are listed with the same name. On the website, I can see the appropriate names, however, in the app, they both state “Garage”

:thinking: The only other thing I can suggest is to log off, delete the app, then reinstall it.

Yeah, tried that too. Unfortunately, still the same. No direct support from the app maker is concerning too.