False alarms for open and close


Yes the notifications are back ! Thank you!
There is a little problem . Since the notifications are back I am receiving a lot of false open / close alerts. It is difficult to check them all because my work is abot 15 miles away from the house!


If you receive false door status alerts, please refer to the corresponding section of the troubleshooting guide. This has to do with either laser not hitting the reflector in the center or with ambient light blinding the sensor.


Install a webcam works great!


That happened to me when I did a repair to the opener and it slightly changed the door position when closed. The laser spot was right at the edge of the reflector and the slightest movement would trigger the Garadget. I do have a suggestion, due to the sloppy fit of many garage doors the supplied reflector should be larger in diameter (maybe 3"?).


I think you are right about the size of the reflector. I put a rectangular piece 2X6" and it works OK even when you shake the door left to right.