False alerts

I’m getting lots of false alerts for the past couple of weeks, I have tried to dial the threshold for reflection way down, is that the best way to deal with this issue?

Since you were adjusting the threshold down, I’m assuming the notifications are coming when the door is closed.

  • Is laser centered on the reflective tag?
  • Do you get false alerts during the daytime only or at any time of night and day?
  • What is the typical reflection rate reported by your Garadget?

It’s only during the day, I think I’m getting a lot of reflection from a window in the garage, I’m seeing 8% reflection currently with 50% ambient light currently, the other day it was at 22% reflection and I keep adjusting the threshold down so I don’t get false alerts. I’ll look at the reflector tape tomorrow and see if something has moved.

Same problem here. Mine is centered but when the sun hits just right through the garage windows it keeps flipping back and forth from closing to opening back and forth. How low can we go with the threshold? I have mine set at 15% now, normally its like 50% but it goes as low as 9% when the sun is hitting just right.

Are there other ways to deal with the issue?

Set threshold at 10 and try limiting the amount of light getting into Garadget’s sensor during the day.
One of the options is moving the reflective tag to the wall right above the top edge of the door. This way Garadget doesn’t look straight at the window. The tag instead of moving away it will be blocked by the door the moment it starts to open.

Another low-tech hack is placing an empty cardboard tube from the paper towel on the front of the Garadget so it acts as makeshift aperture and limits the amount of light getting into the photo-sensor.