False door opening alerts

Recently, I’ve started received numerous “Door is opening” alerts. When it occurs, I can open the door but not close it. Yesterday, I received the alert while away from the house. I then attempted to close the door but the system seemed to get confused about door opening position. What causes a door is opening alert? How do I stop this (other than deleting the app and removing the system)?

Your Garadget’s laser got out of alignment. Please make sure it is pointed at the center of the reflective tag when the door is fully closed. You can add an additional reflective tag if necessary.

Actually, the laser is aligned perfectly. I have two of the reflective decals and it is dead center on them.

Thanks for the info.
What is your Garadget’s threshold setting and what is the reflection reported?

Reflection right now is about 13%. Threshold setting is 10%. As I was looking at the app in my phone, reflection dropped below 10% and status chaned to “Opening.”

Do you have windows in your garage?
It is possible that the sensor reading is washed away with the ambient light.
This can be resolved by moving the sensor or attenuating the amount of ambient light that gets into sensor by shielding your Garadget.

Yes, there are windows. I also noticed that there was likely some reflection when the garage door is opened as the sensor laser was hitting the top of the garage door about two feet from it. I used a sharpie to darken that spot and it is now reading 0% reflection when the door is fully open. I’ll try shielding around the garadget.

The low tech aperture to try is an empty tube from the paper towels.
If you slide it on the front of Garadget it blocks all the light except for that coming from the reflector.

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