False Notifications


After the garage door has been open for about one hour, I start getting notifications that the door is opening and/or closing when nothing is changing.


Please take note of the reported reflection rate when that happens.
Then either eliminate the source of reflection and/or increase the threshold setting.


I’ll check the reflection rate, although there is nothing to reflect off of since it is looking out into an empty driveway. Threshold is currently at 35 and it continues to give false notifications.


Is reported reflection above zero while the door is open?


Reported Reflection remains at 0 when door is open. I have received 16 notifications of open/closed in the last 5 minutes.


I have attached photos of what is seen out of the garage door. There is a second photo of the reflection beam on a piece of paper to show where it is aimed.


Thanks for the detailed info. I’ll run some additional tests on this scenario internally.
What is the typical delay between the door actually opening and false notifications starting?


Normally about 1 hour. Right now it’s been open for about 4 hours. First notification was at 07:40, I had 34 notifications up to 08:03 and have had none since.

Started getting notifications again at 11:58, so far 6 in the first minute.


I have had the same problem. I assumed it was simply reflecting off of random objects; cars passing, bicycle, etc. Mine is not as frequent as yours so not as annoying, however, one day I had the garage open for a while and had to unplug it because of constant notifications.


Same issue here. Been happening since I installed the devices quite sometime ago. Just became a big issue when on this nice quiet Saturday morning at 7:30 am, 49 alerts hit my wife’s phone. So much for the nice quiet Saturday morning and somehow I am in the doghouse for the alerts. Both of my doors that have the Garadget devices installed were closed and there was no interaction (nobody was opening or closing either door, nobody was in the garage, no movement, etc.) with the devices. Thanks for looking into the issue and a quick resolution.


Thanks for reporting. I wasn’t able to reproduce this with the test units, but I’ll try to recreate the described scenario more closely and to some more testing.

@cmontana ,
Sound like your issue (false notifications with door closed) is different from the one reported earlier here. Please check out other posts for solution including:

  1. making sure that the laser is still centered on the reflective tag when the door is fully closed
  2. trying lower threshold setting
  3. blocking the source of ambient light or changing the angle of the laser in relation to windows


Another thing that I’ve noticed is tgat other than the False Notifications, I never get a legitimate Door Closed notification, even though I have always had that set in my preferences.


Have you made any progress on my False Notifications issue.


Apologies for the delay. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue but will try to build a special diagnostic version of firmware to catch this condition.


Any projected timeline?


I have the same issue as cmontana.
False notifications. Mostly when the door is closed–although that mauy just be coincidence, since my doors remain closed 99% of the time.
At first I thought it was just a quirk with the app on my beta version of Android P, but i have since tried it on other Android phones (Oreo and Nougat) and had the same false positives.

I just now lowered my sensor thresholds from 10 to 5.
Both my garadgets are on firmware 1.20
Reflection when closed is typically “96” for both.


Do you get false notifications for both controllers?
Do the notifications coincide with anything?


I do get false alerts (opening and closing only–even though i have alerts set for offline, stopped, and reboot as well) for both of my two garage door garadgets. *perhaps these are the only false alerts I receive of all the alerts set, because they are the only ones that involve “movement” ???

The notifications do not seem to correspond with anything (no light changes, wind, noise, time, etc.) They are seemingly random and unrelated to other potential events/activities.

I thought it was completely related to Android P beta since these only happened after I upgraded to that OS, but I installed the app on other phones and tablets and I still receive the false alerts.

I don’t have the alerts set on my iOS phone…I could set those if you think it would be worth troubleshooting there as well.


If you want to rule out the apps, you can try setting up email notifications via the web interface.


Okay, I set up the email alerts via the web interface.
Do/should I disable alerts via the app for this method?
(or will this override the alerts all together?)