First no door name in alerts, now no alerts at all


Until I read this topic: Garadget Notification in iOS App Missing Door Name, I didn’t even know that the door name was supposed to appear in the notifications from the app. The notifications from my two garadgets appeared and said “Garage is now open”, even thought the two garadgets have each been configured with a custom name.

That was how it worked for more than a month after my initial installation. Last Tuesday, 6/27, the notifications all dropped the word “Garage” and just said “is now open”. Then, today, all notifications stopped appearing.

So, I followed the advice in the Missing Door Name post, to change the door name in the app. That did not fix the missing notifications. They are still missing. I then used the “R” button to reset the devices. When they both came back online and connected to the server (slow pulsing cyan LED), I manually opened and closed the doors. There are still no notifications, at all.

Both the iOS app and the web app show the correct status of both doors and control the doors as expected.

What’s the next step to fix this issue?


Same issues here … lost door name a few days back … reset everything and got name back

Lost all alerts today …not been able to log onto cloud server all day till 5 mins ago


Same here. All alerts for me stopped working again yesterday evening.


Add me to the list of those not getting notifications anymore! For whatever reason this seems to be happening more and more…
Hopefully Garadget gets the Server squared away!


Garadget is aware of the issue and I believe he is working on correcting it.

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Add me to the list as well. All was working fine for the first week, then on Sunday July 2, all notifications stopped. Hope we get this resolved quickly.


I’m in the same boat. No more notifications


So, who do we contact to get some attention to this issue? Is there any customer support available.


I am in the same boat. Had to change my garage name a few days ago and I haven’t been receiving alerts for about a week or so.


It looks like there was another report of the same problem, and a response in the “device set up and installation” section:
“Apologies for the push notifications service interruption. We’re looking into the issue, it appears that it may be specific to iOS apps and related to the push notification certificate. I’m in contact with the developer and hope to resolve this quickly”. This was posted 13 hours ago.
I guess we’ll see…


Same here getting Alerts with out the name of the door


Are you using iOS or Android app?


Alerts just returned, but the name of the door is still missing in the alert.

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Ok, thanks for the update. I’ll deal with door name next.


Yes, alerts are coming in again, with the generic “Garage is now opening/closed”. Still no custom door names.


The garage name placeholder is at the very beginning of the notification so if the name is missing the message would be " is now opening". Please try re-naming your door in the settings page. If that doesn’t change the name in the notifications, please try resetting the unit by pressing “R” button.


I renamed the door in the Settings page of the app and reset the garadget with the R button. Still no joy getting notifications with the custom name for the door, even though the app is updated to show the custom name.

The screenshot show what I am seeing.


Agreed. Alerts are now coming in, but not with correct door name. So some improvement, thanks. Not receiving alerts on Fitbit Alta, but this may be a different issue?


My alerts have not come back. I have an android so it wasn’t am Apple specific issue. I still don’t get alerts.


I am still receiving only generic alerts for my two garadgets. I have renamed the doors and restarted the garadgets, as requested. Still, both doors show alerts with “Garage” instead of the customized name that shows in the iOS app and web app.

How does this get fixed?