First tap of door open/close after starting app doesn't work. You have to tap a second time


100% reproducible after starting the app from scratch.


Is this using iOS or Android app?
Also please try the web interface.


iOS and only in the app. Web interface doesn’t exhibit the problem. Seems to be related to right after app startup.


I can’t seem to reproduce that on my phone.
When you say “after starting” does it mean switching to the app after inactive for some time (less than 3min or more than 3min) or cold start after it was unloaded from the list (double tap on home button)?

On the first tap does door move without animation in the app or nothing happens at all?


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure the app is not running
  2. Start the app
  3. Tap the garage door image
  4. Note it animates for about 500ms then goes back to closed
  5. Tap again and the door opens and animation completes


Just installed the app on my iPad mini and confirmed it happens there as well using the steps provided above.


I my results the door starts to move after the first tap, but door animation in the app is not picking up immediately. Thanks for the detailed write-up, I’ll pass that along to the app developer.


Yeah that’s not the same thing as what I’m seeing. It starts the animation right away but then discontinues after about 500ms. The door does nothing.