For Spark Core users


I have purchased Spark Cores which were in my account, and now I have the exact same issues as found in this thread: Verifying product ownership = "Oops!"

What is the way forward for me? I want to use the same email address and work through whatever issues come into play.


Your Particle account is not tied to Garadget’s organization. Without it it is still possible to add Garadgets to your vanilla Particle account via CLI, but my server will not receive events reported by your units and as result there will be no notifications.

I discussed the issue of mixed use of accounts with Particle engineers and I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventuall. The best course of action for now is to use separate account for Garaget units. When there’s a solution you’ll be able to consolidate them in one.

If you’re into this kind of adventure, you can handle the notifications yourself via web hooks, IFTTT etc.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions so don’t hesitate to ask.


@garadget Do you have a contact with Particle where I can ask for my existing account to be associated with Garadget’s organization? Or is this something I could do myself?


They have a community board where most of their engineers hang out. You’re welcome to submit a request. I’m not 100% confident they’ll be able to add your existing account to Garadget’s organization without auth token from me. They might offer to unregistered your vanilla account and register one with Garadget’s organization with the same email then re-add the devices. In any case please report your progress.