Frequent disconnect and false door open door close indication


Have had this for a while. And of late it needs frequent reset action to get it indicate and function correctly. Highly frustrating when one needs to get up on a ladder and engage the reset button frequently. The app should have a remote reset capability. I guess I got, what I paid for.


If the device needs reset then it’s not communicating so the remote reset is not feasible.
Please troubleshoot the issue by powering your Garadget close to the router. If it continues to hung up then the problem is not related to the radio quality. In that case please refer to the “Warranty” link in the header to proceed with the repair/replacement claim.


I am not sure why it just randomly indicates garage door/close repeatedly. A reset does not help. So I am unable rely on this sensor for the only function I bought it for- piece of mind when I am not at home.


Your frustration is understandable. I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue.
First, please make sure the laser is unobstructed and pointed at the center of the reflective tag when the garage door is fully closed. Then please let me know the reflection rate and threshold setting reported in settings page.


Thanks for your prompt response. I will follow your instructions once I get a chance.



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