Garadget 2 iOS app issue


I have installers the new “Garadget 2” iOS app. I really like the fact that it remembers my login credentials. There is a problem, though.

The new app did not download the correct door names for both garage doors. One is correct. The other is the generic “Garage”. The previous app, when running side by side with the new app does download both door names correctly.

I was going to upload a screenshot from each app, but the new app (where I am composing this message) crashes when selecting the photo library for an upload. However, it appears you can switch to the older version of the app and still have you post saved where you left off! So, the screenshots from old and new versions are attached.


The new app also opens occasionally with a new door with no name at all and a big exclamation point in the middle of the door.


And some times, the new app opens with one of the two doors with the generic name “Garage” and a second, unknown door.


Thanks for your report. I’ll forward the info to the app developer.


I just realized that there was a completely new app now. Is there a reason the old one just wasn’t updated?



The new app is published under a different developer account, but also we wanted a fall back option if something doesn’t go as planned. Eventually, the old app is going to be phased out.


Gotcha. Is there something that needs to be done to receive the Notifications with the new app? I have iOS Notifications turned on and the Alerts turned on in the app, but am not receiving notifications via the new app.

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I’m seeing the same problems. Also, the app gets stuck in loading when trying to switch between two garage doors. I simply can’t get it to switch back now.

I love the product but I hope this gets fixed :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Mike & @TheMerg.
I’ll get in touch with the developer to work on these issues. Meanwhile as the fall-back, the legacy version of the app is still available as well as the web app which can be added as app on your smartphone.


Sorry, I thought I responded back. I did get it to work with the new app. I needed to turn the Notification off and on in the new app and they started to come through. I still have both apps installed, but I then specifically disabled Notifications for the old app in the main Notifications section for iOS.

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Every time I open the new app, I have to sign in again. Have reverted to old app