Garadget Android Notifications gone wild

There seems to be a problem with Notifications, i just got 32 notifications from garage opening, garage closed etc.

The garage door was only opened once, what is going on¿?

This happened a couple of days ago too but doesn’t happen every time the garage door is opened.

If this happens at any time while the door is closed, please make sure that the laser is still pointed at the center of the reflective tag and there are no obstacles in its way such as safety release rope, spider webs etc.

If this happens when the door is closed but only during the (sunny) days, then it may be caused by the ambient light “blinding” the sensor. There are several solutions for this issue, reducing the threshold setting is being the simplest.

If false notifications happen only while the door is in motion, please check if the laser hits any highly reflective or closely located objects: metal panels on the door, safety release rope etc. Among the solutions: moving things around, covering reflective surfaces, increasing the threshold setting and/or scan period.

What is the range of the threshold setting?

Threshold applies to the level of the reflection so it’s range is the same (0-100), with practical values listed in the apps’ select box.

Happend to me yesterday 30/4 a short while.


Thanks for your reply. The laser had drooped slightly so I adjusted the reflector location. The garage door is aluminium corrugated sheeting but hopefully all ok now. Just a little bit of settling in as it’s new :blush: