Garadget App Keeps Logging Out

Is anyone else having an issue with the app repeatedly logging out? I am using an iPhone with iOS 13. Last night I opened the app and opened my garage with it. As I had been out of town, I had not used the app in over a week. This morning, I opened the app to close my garage and found I had to log in again.

Any thoughts or ideas on this one?


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Please try explicitly logging out from all client apps and then log back in.
Also we’ve pushed the update to the App Store. The need for re-login might have to do with that.

Okay. I went to the app and found it had already signed me out again. I signed back in and then used the Logout option and then signed back in again. We’ll see what happens.

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Yeah, since the latest Garadget update I am having the same issue.
I constantly have to log back in to Garadget after opening up the App…
Tried to uninstall and reinstall the App and this did not help!

I have had times when it has logged me out for no apparent reason repeatedly but then works fine for awhile. Any chance the app can integrate into the Face / Finger ID (Or even ability to have a pin) system so it is able to maintain a persistent long term logon?

This feature is available in the app. Click on the Garadget logo to access it.

@garadget, the app is still signing me out. Sometimes it is a day… Sometimes it is a few days…

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IOS13.2.2 had my app completely stalled out for the last 3 days. Never had any issues with it from the day I installed it on Dec 9 2018.

Logged out from all client apps and back in — Nothing
Deleted the app and reinstalled it — Nothing

Whats going on with the app ?

Is everyone having the same issue with IOS 13 rollout ?

Thank you for that. I didn’t know that feature existed! Will this have any impact on preventing the app sign out and require the full username / password to logon again?

Same issue app keeps logging off only just started happening.

App up to date

I noticed my iPhone (also on iOS 13) keeps logging me out. I rely on IFTTT for most things, but have one vehicle with no garage remote. I have to use the app when using that car. :frowning:

The use of that face ID option doesn’t get me past this login screen, it only appears to authenticate me again.

Add me to the list of users who’s garadget app keeps logging out.

I regularly use IFTTT to open my garage door as I drive home and since the app logs out all the time, it doesn’t work.

If a user has biometrics or passcode enabled, the app should stay logged in.

I too have the same problem and my IFTTT actually starts the open door protocol and then about a foot off the ground after trying to open the door it stops.
Just started happening after I enabled Face ID for authentication so I just turned it off to see if that keeps the app logged in.

Same problem here, newly, January 2020, iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.4.
I need only force quit the app (flicking its page upward after double clicking home btn) to have it show the dear garage door drawing.
Still a pain in the neck, though.

Please try out new iOS app. It solve the logouts issue and offers many other improvements.

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Just downloaded… I’ll let you know if I have any issues.