Garadget App Keeps Logging Out

Is anyone else having an issue with the app repeatedly logging out? I am using an iPhone with iOS 13. Last night I opened the app and opened my garage with it. As I had been out of town, I had not used the app in over a week. This morning, I opened the app to close my garage and found I had to log in again.

Any thoughts or ideas on this one?


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Please try explicitly logging out from all client apps and then log back in.
Also we’ve pushed the update to the App Store. The need for re-login might have to do with that.

Okay. I went to the app and found it had already signed me out again. I signed back in and then used the Logout option and then signed back in again. We’ll see what happens.

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Yeah, since the latest Garadget update I am having the same issue.
I constantly have to log back in to Garadget after opening up the App…
Tried to uninstall and reinstall the App and this did not help!

I have had times when it has logged me out for no apparent reason repeatedly but then works fine for awhile. Any chance the app can integrate into the Face / Finger ID (Or even ability to have a pin) system so it is able to maintain a persistent long term logon?

This feature is available in the app. Click on the Garadget logo to access it.

@garadget, the app is still signing me out. Sometimes it is a day… Sometimes it is a few days…

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IOS13.2.2 had my app completely stalled out for the last 3 days. Never had any issues with it from the day I installed it on Dec 9 2018.

Logged out from all client apps and back in — Nothing
Deleted the app and reinstalled it — Nothing

Whats going on with the app ?

Is everyone having the same issue with IOS 13 rollout ?

Thank you for that. I didn’t know that feature existed! Will this have any impact on preventing the app sign out and require the full username / password to logon again?

Same issue app keeps logging off only just started happening.

App up to date