Garadget app shows offline but web version working

A few days ago the Garadget app started to display the door with a big red ! on it. Under the door it says offline. If I login to the web version on my phone I can open and close the door. Should I reset the device?

Sure, please give that a try.
You can reset device by clicking “R” button or pulling the power adapter out of the outlet.

Yep that did the trick hit the reset button took about 10 seconds

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Had similar problem garadget indicated offline.
I unplug it waited for ten seconds. Then it works

Jerome, thanks for sharing!
On the side note, when power cycling the unit, it’s better to unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet rather than pulling the micro-usb out of the Garadget. The micro-USB connector allows for a lot of leverage on the board and it’s easy to break away.