Garadget App stopped working


I have a Garadget installed in a gate operator to manage the opening and closing of the gate. It has worked great for months and just today, starting about 2 PM Pacific time, the mobile app reports OFFLINE. Have several mobile users and they all report OFFLINE.

However, the web browser shows the correct status and controls the gate fine.

I also get notification of the gate opening and closing, as well as the “Open for 15 minutes” alert on the mobile app.

I also have an IFTTT applet to control the gate using Amazon Echo devices. That still works fine!

I looked at the Garadget and it is pulsating the LED as it should when connected. I also power reset it and no change. I don’t think there is any problem with the hardware.

Any idea why the mobile app will no longer connect to my Garadget? Has something happened to the server for the mobile app?


Everything goes through the same server, I’m not quite sure how this can affect multiple devices. Do you experience this while all client devices are connected to the same local network?


Yes. Have a number of iOS devices on the local network that all show Garadget status as “offline”. A relative drove up today with an Android phone on cellular service and had the same problem. That’s how we learned about the problem. She could not use here phone to open the gate as she usually does.


Please PM me the device ID and I’ll check the logs for it.


It started working this morning. Very strange!

I will still PM you the device ID. Maybe you can see what happened yesterday.