Garadget App updates needed


Kinda. For the close event. But, I need to perform more than one test for each event. For open I’m still getting 3 notifications. I’ll test more tomorrow. Thanks.


For this test you can also temporarily crank up the threshold so the sensor is not that sensitive to stray reflections.
If that resolves the issue completely then we’ll continue looking into what creates the unwanted reflection.


Okay, with a threshold all the way up at 50%, an open event is still generating three notifications: opening, closed, and opening. The close event is okay with just one notification.


So, it does have affect. Then we’ll focus on stray reflections. Is there a way to change the angle of the beam to the wall? Maybe 5-10 deg to the side. I can ship you some more stickers/reflectors if you need.


No, there has been no change in the number of notifications since I taped up the bar and window. IOW, upping the threshold has had no effect.


Curious as to whether or not you resolved your issue? Where do you have your Garadget mounted?
I would think that if you have the Garadget mount under the opener and you change your laser point to a spot below the window you might have better luck.


No, I have not resolved my notification issue. I haven’t had a chance to move the reflective pad horizontally as Denis suggested.

The Garadget is mounted under the opener. The reflection rate was very low when I had the pad below the row of windows. After I moved it above, the rate’s been at 97-98%.


I still think the additional notifications are from stray reflections. Maybe it’s duct tape. BTW: Increased scan period will also reduce the probability of the laser hitting unwanted reflective surface.


One additional feature I would like to see added is to make the Device ID field in the door Settings screen to be selectable to copy to the clipboard. I have seen a few messages where that information was requested and it would be a bear to have to type it in.


You can copy and paste the Device ID from the Settings section of the Web app.


Yes, but that feature is not available in the iOS app.Thus, the reason for posting it here.