Garadget connected to cloud but not account


I could not use the app as android will not allow both the photon wifi and mobile data at the same time. But I’ve now got my new device connected to the particle cloud finally by using my PC and USB. I successfully setup the device and it’s registered to the cloud and can see the device ‘particle list’.

However, no matter how many times I repeat this, log in/out of my account, or create a new account, the device will never show in either the app (android) nor in the web access.

What am I missing?


The setup process doesn’t require your Android device to be connected to the Photon and the internet at the same time.

It starts with your phone connected to the internet (usually home WiFi), later after you selected Photon-XXXX, the phone disconnects from the Internet and connects to Garadget to complete the setup process.

If your Garadget is not associated with the account you can return it to setup mode by holding “M” button and retry the process. Alternatively you can use Particle CLI to assign the device to your account with commands:

particle login
particle device add [device id]

The unit need to be connected to the server during these steps.


Thanks for these steps. I have performed them and the device is registered with particle abandoned shows online when I do “particle list” but still does not in my garadget account.


Did you register your account through the app or directly with Particle?
You may need to start over with a new email address if latter.


I created my account with the app while trying to setup the device there. I could never get past the point of getting the device connected to the cloud but would have ‘breathing’ cyan light. The app kept saying no device found.
Wuth that unsuccessful, I resorted to the particle CLI and WiFi with the same account. Again this would get wifi setup with 'breathing ’ cyan light but setup would say the device had not checked into cloud.

Using Google found suggest topic here using USB mode and CLI. So with the same account ran the commands you provided and finally got the device to show registered to the cloud via ‘particle list’.

Should I start over completely with USB ( since that seems to work) and a new garadget account?


Thanks for the detailed info.
Please leave your Garadget connected to the server (cyan pulsing) and PM me the device ID and I’ll look at it from the server side. If you don’t use the same password for any of your other account, please include the account info as well. After we’re done, you’ll be able to reset the password.


I’m hitting the same problem. I just got 2 Garadget. On both after connecting to the photon-… wifi, neither the app nor the web page do anything. I managed to connect the device to the wifi by going to and the cyan light is on, but the web app doesn’t have a door.


Finally got it working! I tried one last time with a new account I created just for this device. Still couldn’t use the app or PC with wifi setup and resorted to USB and CLI with the following steps for anyone else having the challenge I did.

  1. ensure the account is fully RFC compliant, i.e. no non-_alphanumeric characters.
  2. launch app and create account using email in step 1
  3. install the particle CLI tool set on the PC
  4. connect the garadget to your pc via the USB cable
  5. execute the following commands from the CLI:
    particle login [using same account from step 1]
    particle serial wifi
    particle serial indentify
    [Copy ID number]
    particle device add [device ID from previous step]
    Device should now be “breathing” cyan.
  6. log out of app and back in and you should now see the device.

This is what it took for me and hopefully helps others.

I thank everyone for the help. I love this device now and it works great!

For future versions, I would love to see a local option instead of depending on the cloud and also a ‘percent opens’ device.

Now to get ST working…


Thanks for the write up.
The local option is available with MQTT, please see this post for more details:


How does the Particule account interacts with/connects to the Garadget one?


With Particle you can have a generic account, think of it as one for development. Then there are accounts specific to a product/company. On the technical side this is done via different oAuth Clients.

Garadget uses organization specific client so to get access to all of Garadget functions, the account has to be created through Garadget app or web interface.


how does one downlolad particle CLI tool set? (argggg aggrevated lol)


Please find more information on Particle CLI here: