Garadget interferes with opener's wireless remotes


I have installed 3 Garadgets in my garage and all 3 work fine with the Garadget app. The problem is they now interfere with the original LiftMaster remote controls and the Homelink controls in our cars. It is rather inconvenient having to always use my phone to open and close the doors. I have disconnected the usb on one of the devices and both the remote and homelink are functioning properly again.



To resolve this please move Garadget(s) a bit further from the opener’s own antenna.



Thank you! I’m going to give this a try, as I have the same problem and it’s been driving my wife and I crazy.



I moved the garadget about 18" away from the opener/antenna and it completely fixed my issues with my regular wireless remotes and homelinks. Yay!!

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How far does the garadget device need to be away from the antennas to not interfere? I have moved it to the other end of the opener, but it still doesn’t work. If I go further, then I will have to build a some sort new mounting device to hold the garadget, which doesn’t seem to be a good solution.



Usually just couple of inches do it. Have you confirmed that it’s the Garadget that is the source of the interference? No new LED bulbs in the garage?



I have 2 units, 1 has no interference with the remotes, the 2nd door does interfere with the remote. I don’t want to move the gsradget since it’s already mounted and the reflective tape in place. Would extending the antenna wire resolve this issue?



Yes, adding an external antenna with a longer wire would allow to place it further away from opener’s antenna while keeping Garadget in its current location.

Here are some options with correct connector.

Please PM the device ID for firmware update when you have antenna connected.



I added extra 14 gauge wire to the existing opener antenna. This has helped a bit, the range on the original openers is still not as far as it used to be, but i can at least open the door from the edge of my driveway.

Do you still need to update my firmware? will updating the firmware have any impact on the interference with the opener’s antenna?



I was suggesting the external antenna for Garadget.
If your Garadget still uses the internal antenna then no firmware update is required.