Garadget is not in sync and does not send notifications

For the past three or four months the garadget app gas not been pushing notifications to my phone. I have an android. Now, when it says closed the garage is open and when it says open, the garage is really closed. Frustrated with this app. Have tried to reset it and nothing happens.

Adriene, do you get the same reporting in the web app?
Is laser pointed at the center of the reflective tag when the door is closed?
What is the reflection rate and threshold reported in the settings page when the door is closed?

What do you mea. By web app exactly? I have the app.on my phone, am I able to access this on my computer as well? Also, the laser is pointed at the tape.

You can control the doors from any web enabled device by accessing:

Thanks for the screenshot. I’d recommend the threshold at the default value of 15.
The reflection in your image is at 0, please specify the value at the time when the door is closed.

I changed the threshold to 15 as suggested

The threshold still shows as 40 in your most recent screenshot.
With the reflection around 44 and threshold at 15 you should get the reliable door status reporting. With the correct status, the commands will also work as intended.

Please make sure to shield Garadget if it’s in direct sunlight or the opener’s light bulb is inline with the laser.
The notifications may come back shortly. Please PM me the device ID if you still don’t receive the enabled notifications after a day or two.

I believe that the sensor is shielded. It was working in its current location. Attached is the screenshot of the current settings. Still no notifications.

Thank you,


Based on the values in the screenshot the status reporting should be working correctly now, please confirm.
To refresh the notification subscriptions please go to alerts scree and turn off one of the enabled notifications and then turn it back on. If this doesn’t re-enable the notifications, please PM me the device ID and I’ll look at the configuration on the server.

How do I PM You? No notifications just yet. I’d like to.send you my device id

Click on my profile picture (Garadget image) and then on blue “Message” button in the pop-up.