Garadget Location

  1. Can I install the Garadget near the Garage Door Button and connect the wire with it?

  2. Any plains to have a light and camera capabilities with it? or an compatible ones in the market.

Hello @MB1,

  1. Sure, you can install Garadget near the button. If it’s at the opposite end from the door, the sensor might have harder time with the reflection rate, but should still work. They’re tested in well lit room at 5m with minimum passing reflection 50%. Also you should mout it higher up so nobody breaks the beam by just walking near it.

  2. I’m working on the extension port support. Relays for light will be one of the first extensions No plans for embedded camera at this point. This is a different category of product, adding this feature can easily double the price.

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Yes the button is on the opposite side.
I can mount it higher on the wall. I might have to get a bracket and add wire from button to install it. I have to see the unit and then figure out its installation and angle.

Garage doesn’t have any windows but the added distance could be an issue.

Just Purchased it on Amazon.

Thanks for supporting Garadget.
Please post the updates about your install.